Your Guide to Das Training Short for (direct Access Scheme)

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If you currently own a motorcycle and hope to eventually operated your bike at a full and unrestricted capacity, then you’ll need to enroll in and complete DAS Training short for (Direct Access Scheme). In order to complete this course, however, you will have to be at least 24 years old or older. By successfully completing DAS Training you will gain the ability to operate both medium and large motorbikes without having to perform any special testing for lower grade machines or waiting an additional two years to gain approval.

It is generally necessary to spend four days in DAS training so that you’re prepared to take and pass both the Module 1 and 2 tests. Module 1 is basically an off-road testing element that enables your instructor to verify whether you’re using the right riding procedures and performing at a standard that is sufficient for progressing to Module 2, which is designed to familiarise riders with the machines that they’ll use for their road tests.


Keep in mind that you’ll also have to complete your CBT or compulsory basic training, before you can be considered as eligible for the DAS training program. The CBT course has five basic elements that you’ll need to master. Among these are practical training that includes on-site riding along with riding and training on-road. To make things a bit more convenient for trainees, Full Motorcycle Training London utilises a method that is slightly different from that of other providers so that it’s possible to access DAS training short for (Direct Access Scheme) without having to invest a lot of effort.

From any one of its locations in central London, you can experience the benefits of being able to pay your training costs in manageable increments as you progress so that you can budget your spending in a way that makes sense for your own financial circumstances. This means that you can now become a part of the next generation of bikers on the road. Many of these individuals are 40 years old or older and some are well into their sixties. Keep in mind that many well-known celebrities, recognized radio presenters and Olympic athletes are also experiencing the benefits of these motorcycle training courses.

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