The Honda Sh125 Review

Posted on 19. Nov, 2017 by in AutoMotive Activities

Throughout Europe, the Honda SH125 has sold very well. It seems as if the amended 2009 hybrid seems will also prove popular in the United Kingdom. If you want a highly economical model, you should opt for the proper 125cc motorbike with gears, instead of a power consuming auto transmission. However, the SH is hard to beat when it comes to easy riding and convenience. With this in mind, here’s a Honda sh125 review.

Originally the SH125 outsold almost every other European model. However, many UK bikers were a bit apprehensive about its large 16-inch wheels. Fortunately, this caution was misplaced. The large wheels help facilitate improved stability which provides superior ride quality, especially when compared to the smaller wheels seen on most scooters.


Some of the other changes from the 2009 model include replacing the rear drum brake with a disc. This was done for aesthetics and because the stopper is now defunct. Appearance also led to the other updates as well.

Although the original SH was successful, many people criticized it for its’ bizarre appearance, especially in its face. This is why it’s been significantly revamped. Now the visage looks sleeker and has more discrete curves. The rear bodywork has beautiful, sweeping lines, offering it a touch of elegance.

Honda chose to leave the transmission, frame, and engine unaltered. This is just as well since the power pick up is really smooth. As such, handling traffic and U-turns is simple. There’s virtually no vibration either. In fact, its performance is also reasonably strong.

While Honda claims that the SH has really good efficiency and emissions figures, their data is quite vague. For this reason, it’s difficult to be convinced of this. For example, they report fuel consumption of 97mpg but they don’t specify the conditions or the speed for this, making it a meaningless statistic. Another Honda SH125 review that’s posted online says that about 85mpg is possible for both in town and countryside travel. This is more of a reliable figure.

When you think about New Honda Bikes quality and dependability, you’ll find that the SH is better than most other scooters though.


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