The Honda Ps125 Review That Consumers Have Been Waiting for

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Throughout the auto and motorcycle industries, Honda has managed to create and maintain a fairly impressive reputation for itself, which is also the case in the fast-growing scooter business. As such, consumers can trust that Honda isn’t going to bring a vehicle onto the market until this brand is absolutely thrilled with the look and overall performance of this machine. Understanding this, any Honda PS125 review that you come across will likely mention overall comfort given that this scooter happens to be very comfortable. The primary reason for this is the large-sized seat which places the driver in a commanding position by effectively propping him up. This is incredibly beneficial when moving through traffic. It is also very easy to mount this scooter and it’s got an excellent suspension. People obviously expect New Honda Bikes to have a number of impressive features, and this bike is dependable, well-built, and extremely comfortable.

Honda PS125

The PS is short for Perfect Scooter and this unit has a fuel injection 4-stroke that’s liquid cooled. The scooter comes with a 125cc engine, and it can get up to approximately 65 miles per hour, although it tends to function best at about 50 miles per hour. This powerful scooter handles well and is impressively fast right off the line. With a comp ratio of 11 to one, it also has a max torque of 11.5 Nm/7,000 min-1. Not only is the seat on this scooter comfortable and roomy, but it additionally includes an ample amount of storage area. A number of operators are able to put their gloves, helmets and a few tools into this storage compartment. People who use the PS125 for their daily commutes also manage to get 100 miles for every full tank of gas.

As ever, Honda has managed to produce another winner. This scooter is stylish, sleek, and appears far more costly than it actually is. It is also a lot lighter than most other scooters in its class, which allows for exceptional handling in traffic. Many scooter owners are surprised by the affordable cost of this bike. Another welcome surprise are the link brakes, especially for those who frequently struggle with smooth braking. To get a closer look at the Honda PS 125, you can head on over to today.

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