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If you don’t want to shell out a ton of cash for the Honda CG125, you’ll definitely find a suitable substitute in the Honda CBF125. This model offers incredibly reliable transport along with a bit of luxury and style. This is a model that buyers are snapping up quickly, ever since it was brought onto the market in January. There are actually many dealers who are complaining about not being able to restock the CBF125 at a quick enough pace – and this is no surprise at all.

The Engine Design

The CBF is incredibly fuel efficient with its 4-speed, single engine with 124.7 cc, but it’s built with 65 mph as its stop speed so that it’s not the best option for those seeking excitement. Moreover, while you can use this bike on the motorway, it isn’t something that you should do often. This model provides 11bhp, and this is actually one more than it’s closest competition, the Yamaha YBR125. Truth told, these two, competing models really aren’t all that different in terms of overall performance.


Handling And The Ride

The braking system, which includes drum rear brakes and single disc front brakes allow for acceptable handling. If a ride lasts 30 minutes or less, you’ll feel just as comfortable as you might on a standard motorbike. For trips that are quite a bit longer, however, your rear end is going to feel some pain given that the twin rear shocks are inexpensive, and this will be especially problematic on the motorway. When puttering around town, a rocking horse sensation might arise such as in stop/start traffic when you have to accelerate and brake quite a bit.

Overall Dependability And Value

At such a reasonable cost, you cannot expect for everything to be perfect. Thus, it shouldn’t be a surprise that the finish on the exhaust isn’t really made to stand the tests of time. There have definitely been a number of reports on the poor workmanship for the matte black finish. Weak plastics have been used, as have fragile grommets.

The Equipment

There is no rev counter but you can find out what gear you should be in by checking the numbers round the speedometer. You do get a fuel gauge. You will have approximately two-thirds of a tank left when the fuel gauge reaches the half-full point, but only if you’ve started with a full tank.

The Verdict For This Honda CBF125 Review

This model is good to look at and it comes from a very reputable brand. More importantly, it costs a lot less to operate than it does to take the bus. Customers are calling it a fun ride. Priced just over £2000.00, you may never need transportation over than this.

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