Review of the Honda 125cc

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If you are looking for a bike that combines excellent performance and smooth riding, the Honda 125cc is the perfect motorbike for you. With this bike, you can enjoy speeds of up to 80km/hr. The engine delivers excellent performance with a great horsepower. The bike is built to last and this adds to its advantages because you can enjoy the bike for many years. Other advantages include the quiet exhaust and low engine noise. Below are some of the special features of this powerful but affordable bike.

Specific Features

  • Electric starter
  • Top speed-
  • Engine capacity- 125cc
  • Power- 13bhp
  • Maximum torque- 10Nm

Model Information
If you are reading this review of the Honda 125cc, you should pay attention to the special features of this powerful motorbike. It might be relatively small and lightweight but is strong and durable. The bike falls under the low maintenance category. In fact, you can easily maintain and take care of the motorbike if you have some basic mechanical knowledge. You can start the bike easily and it runs smoothly so you have no problem handling this motorbike.

Power and Torque

This machine comes with the single cylinder double valve engine. The peak torque helps you enjoy good speed without any stress. This bike is great for both cruising and speeding so you should take advantage of its wonderful features and enjoy a great ride always.

Engine, Gear Box and Exhaust

Some of the best features of this wonderful motorbike are the smooth clutch and the gearbox. The light clutch has great functionality so you can easily switch gears without any inconvenience. The 125cc capacity provides excellent engine power. For this reason, you can easily ride at top speeds without any risk to yourself and other road users. Some of the strongest points of this bike are strength, stability and speed


Like all Honda products, this bike gives excellent performance at a great price. This bike is fuel-efficient and the fuel tank can hold ten liters of fuel. The seat is very comfortable so you can ride for hours without any inconvenience. The valve adjustments wok in your favor so you can ride around urban and semi-urban roads without any risk. The running costs are quite low and this saves you money in the long run.


  1. Simple design
  2. Extremely easy for anyone to ride
  3. A low seat height for comfort
  4. Tight turning circle


The stock chain requires constant lubrication


This bike is small and easy to handle. It delivers excellent performance and it is easy to maintain. This bike offers excellent value for money and it is highly recommended.

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