Exude Wealth when You Actually Have Very Little

Posted on 06. Jan, 2016 by in AutoMotive Activities

It’s quite a world we live in and sometimes the best way to succeed is to show that you have a lot of wealth and that people are right to hold you in high esteem. People who are perceived to have money are often given things for free, one of the greater ironies in life. It’s the same reason why famous people get free things – the companies want that famous person to be seen in the nice things of theirs so that the masses will want those things to be more like the famous people. So using this logic, the thing you need to do is exude wealth as a way of gaining actual wealth at some point. So how can you exude this wealth that you actually do not have? Here’s how.

Get Nice Looking things that Are Cheap

The best way to exude wealth is to have things that on first glance look to be for a wealthy person when really they are not. For example, a nice fake Rolex watch will, on first look, seem to be the status symbol of someone with great wealth and stature, but really can be had for $5 on the streets of New York.

No one is going to bother to authenticate your watch nor will they have any ability to do so. It’s just going to make people think that you are of a higher class when you really aren’t. Another thing is to get a car that looks on first glance like it’s really luxurious, but costs much less than an actual Mercedez or Lexus. For example, most American car companies have cars that are nice big sedans that are luxurious looking but costs very little. Look for yourself on www.mtvchevy.com – we bet you anything you‘ll see some Chevys that you never thought would make a nice car but they actually do. You would be wise to shop at http://www.mtvchevy.com, particularly this time of year when you can get good deals.

Talk to Others The Way You Would Never Want To Be Talked To

Treating others with equality will only make them think that they are equals. If they are equals, then that’s no way for them to think of you as someone with a higher social status. No, you need to talk to all servers and other bar tender types and hostesses like you couldn’t be bothered to deign yourself to talk to them and that they are a mere inconvenience to the things you need to do and are already late for and it’s probably their fault. If you have these people bending over backwards there will be no time for them to think that you are actually just putting on airs and are indeed of a lower social class than they are. It takes a little time getting good at being a jerk like that but it will help elevate your status quickly.


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