A Honda Cbf125 Review

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Just about every Honda CBF125 review has good things to say about the less expensive alternative to Honda’s CG125 model. Since it was introduced in January, many dealers have pointed out that they just can’t get enough models to satisfy demand, such is the popularity of the bike.


Most riders buy the CBF for its fuel efficiency, rather than to own a fast and powerful machine, as its 4 speed single, fuel injected 124.7 cc engine will give you a top speed of about 65 mph. Not much separates the CBF from the Yamaha YBR125, which is its closest competitor, although Honda claims that the CBF gives riders one more bhp than Yamaha, with an 11 bhp performance.

Handling and Comfort

The cheap twin rear shocks mean that inevitably, a long ride will begin to feel uncomfortable after about half an hour or so, although for short journeys of less than 30 minutes, the CBF is perfectly adequate. If you are stuck in start and stop traffic, you may experience a slight rocking sensation when you switch between braking and accelerating, although in general handling is acceptable, thanks to the drum rear and single disc front brakes.

Quality and Reliability

Customers have made adverse comments about the quality of the matt black finish, and it has to be said that the exhaust doesn’t seem to be well designed or built to last. The grommets are fragile and the plastic finish is weak. Bottom line is that you can’t expect everything to be well made and perfectly finished on such an affordable machine.


If you need to know which gear you should be in when riding the CBF125, you will need to rely on the numbers on the speedometer, instead of looking at a rev counter. And you should also be careful not to run out of fuel if you are taking the machine out for a run as you actually only have a third of a tank left, when it indicates half full.


Costing just over 2000 pounds the CBF125 is definitely affordable, and overall is a good buy from a reliable name despite the flaws mentioned above.

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